Let’s Follow Peace

Seek peace and follow it. Peter.   (Peter 1, chap 3:11.)

There are many people who seek peace;  - However, few people try to follow it.

Companions exist who want peace by any possible means and they sigh for it, placing it in various areas of their life.

Nevertheless, they expel it as soon as the Lord has granted the gifts requested. One asks for material wealth, believing

it to be the bearer of their coveted peace, nevertheless, with the emergence of money in abundance, they torture themselves with a thousand problems, not knowing how to distribute, assist, administer and spend it with simplicity.

Another beseeches the blessing of marriage, but, when The Heavens grant it, he doesn't know how to be a brother to the companion the Father has entrusted to him, loosing himself through all forms of irritation.

Yet another claims special titles of trust within sensational tasks of public usefulness, but on becoming honoured with popularity and the expectations of many, he repels these blessings of work, and retreats frightened.

Peace is not bodily laziness. It’s when there’s health and happiness of the Spirit.

If it's true that every creature seeks it in their own way, then it’s imperative to recognise that legitimate peace results from the balance between our desires and the intentions of the Lord, in the position we find ourselves.

Having received the work the Celestial Trust permits us to perform, it’s indispensable that we know how to use the opportunity in favour of our elevation and improvement.

Peter said: Seek peace and follow it. However, real tranquillity doesn’t exist in any situation in which we are placed, when we do not have Christ within us.

And the formula for the integration of our soul with Jesus is invariable: - Deny each one unto himself, take up your cross and follow Me. Without this adaptation to our human effort of learning and the renovating impulse of the Divine Master, we will always have within our heart regenerative war, instead of peace.  

EMMANUEL, (Book, ‘Fonte Viva’, automatic writing  by Francisco C. Xavier, chap. 79, 1. special ed. FEB.)

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